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We get RAVE Reviews from our Clients!

  • WOW what a difference, after having Eco-Plus installed in my 2 story home my blowing air dropped by almost 6 degrees. I was skeptical but the difference is instantly noticeable. As a Real Estate Agent here in Phoenix I will be recommending this to all my listing clients. Not only is my air colder after the treatment, but it starts out blowing VERY cold air now where before it took a few minutes to get cold. I'm impressed with the results and can't wait to see my savings on the next bill!

    Marcie T.
    Phoenix, AZ 85027
  • The process was simple and easy, zero down time on my unit. The Eco-Plus technician was professional and informative, after the treatment the air was noticeable colder and got colder quicker. It was explained that we would see a reduction in energy usage which makes sense but I cannot verify that yet as the treatment was just done. I will be waiting to recommend this product to friends and family until I see my new utility bill but so far it's done what they claim.

    S. Freeman
    Surprise, AZ 85378
  • My AC units are 15 yrs old and for the last 2 years my AC company has been telling me they need to be replaced. At 9K per unit I've decided to hold out as long as I could. After the Eco-Plus treatment my blowing air was colder by 7 degrees! I talked to my AC guy and he is now recommending I keep my old units as long as I can, they are blowing colder and more efficient than a new unit would be at this point! Not sure how much I'm saving monthly yet but if I can get a few extra years from these old units, it's worth the cost of the treatment to me.

    A. Cadwell
    Glendale, AZ 85308
  • I had the treatment done in my 2015 dodge truck, mainly because I didn't believe they could do what they claim. Once it was treated and just 5 minutes of running the AC my supply air temp had dropped 9 degrees! Not only that, but before the coldest my air would get was 54 degrees, now in 60 seconds it's colder than 54 degrees, and by 90 seconds its in the 40’s I stand corrected, there’s no doubt this product does work.

    R. Gardner
    Phoenix, AZ 85027